Friday, July 18, 2008

Ideas for Bachelorette Parties (beyond the strip club)

As I said for the guys, the strip club is fine if it fits the crowd for the party, but here are a few ideas to make the bachelorette party you throw more original or more meaningful.

* Scavenger hunt - this I have done twice for bachelorettes and they both seemed to love it. Along with the girls I threw the party with, we bought a variety of small items (whatever you can think of: a single condom, mini chocolate body frosting, a high heel shoe bottle opener [available at] anything the would be somewhat related to a bachelorette party or the theme) and hide them throughout the house (or wherever you are hosting it) with clues to each item. For one party, it was a Sex and the City theme, so I gave the bride a bag that I had put sticker letters on to say "Manolo" for her to put the goodies she found in.

* Mani-pedi's - if the bride is a fan, take her to get a manicure, pedicure, or both. It can actually be a relatively affordable way to get the girls out.

* Day at the beach - if you are lucky enough to have one nearby, take the girls to the beach during the day (just make sure everyone has got their sunblock, you don't want burns or bad tan lines for the wedding).

* Wine tasting - pick a variety of wines, both sweet and dry, red and white, and get some nice cheese and cracker trays. This could be a classier twist on a night of drinking.

* Spa Party at home - many cities have spa party companies that will come to your home and offer many of the same services as a normal spa (including salt scrubs, massages, nails, facials, etc). This is a great way to start a slumber party bachelorette party.

* Slumber Party - If the bride would rather not go out, why not stay in and watch lots of movies? Get your favorite pj's, some popcorn, paint your nails and watch some chick flicks.

* Vegas baby - take a cue from the guys... if you can afford it, a weekend getaway to Vegas could be the way to go.

* Deep Thoughts - no, not from Jack Handley, but a great way to make a bachelorette party more meaningful is the get a stack of questions together, or just pick a two or three that everyone at the party has to answer. Some can be funny, but some could be meaningful, like "how has the bride been a great friend to you?" or "what qualities do you think will make her a great wife?". I have also done this twice for bachelorettes, and both seemed to find it very meaningful and special.

* Lingerie Shower - get the brides sizes and throw a more naughty version of her bridal shower. Tell guests to get her something either naughty or nice. Luckily, thongs can be pretty inexpensive, so it doesn't necessarily mean guests have to shell out a lot more cash. Add to the fun on this one by telling guests ahead of time that a prize will be given to the person who has the "sexiest gift wrapping". You can also write down (discretely) what the bride says in response to each gift she opens and read it back at the end as "this is what she will say on her wedding night". This tends to get a lot of laughs.

* Pub Crawl - hire a party bus or limo, and head out for a night of drinking or dancing, or both.

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