Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sex and the City Bachelorette Party

I threw a "Sex and the City" themed bachelorette party for one of my closest friends, because frankly, she is a Sex and the City fanatic. Luckily she had gotten me hooked also, so I had seen the series and had plenty of ideas to draw from. Below are a few you can use for inspiration:

Decorate with a New York state of mind. Party supply stores now have these relatively inexpensive wall murals in themes to convert the walls of any room into the feel you are looking to create. I used the one that actual is made for Spider Man (luckily that took place in New York, too) because it's basically just a city skyline. You can just tape or tack this to you walls.

Throw some pictures of the Show up on the walls (I found some online and printed them off), and don't forget the Absolute Hunk. That's just too appropriate to pass up.

Need an idea for a centerpiece? Head up to your local craft store and get one of those giant martini glasses, and fill it with either plastic diamonds, or water with floating candles (add a few drops of food coloring to make it look like a pinkish-red cosmo).

For a cheaper centerpiece just grab a vase and take a cue from the Ron Livingston episode (Berger) and fill it with pink carnations, then attach a note that says "I can't do this. I'm sorry, don't hate me".

Or if you have martini glasses at home, fill one with sand 3/4 full and put a tea light in it. Voila. Sexy centerpiece.

We started with a Scavenger Hunt (see "Ideas for Bachelorette Parties (beyond the strip club)" post for more info). All the clues were related to the show, and she collected her goodies in a "Manolo" bag (I simply bought a silver gift bag and attached sticker letters to it).

After going out to dinner, we came back to my place for a lingerie shower, and as a thank you to the guests, I made party favors that went with the theme for pretty cheap. Just get some disposable plastic martini glasses, fill them with M&M's in your choice of color, wrap some tulle around the top and secure with ribbon. (Note: a helpful hint on disposable martini glasses, or any kind that you have to attach the bottom to the glass stem; krazy glue is a good idea, because those bottoms never seem to want to stay on. You don't want your favors, or drinks to be loosing their bottoms, it just looks cheap).
A New York skyline cake also adds to the fun. Just get chocolate bars, break them in the sizes you want, and dab white or yellow frosting to create the "windows".

Also consider a drink menu that fits the party theme. I created this one on the computer (I also made up the drink recipes partly), printed it off, folded it and attached it to thicker colored cardstock.

A few other ideas for a Sex and the City party:

* For invitations, print up a flyer in Sex and the City Column format, complete with "if so-and-so was about to be married, I couldn't help but wonder... how fabulous her bachelorette party was going to be".

* Have guests dress as a character, or just dress in Sex and the City Style.

* Hire a cab to take you to the club (a New York City style yellow checked one if you can).

* Watch the bride's favorite episode.

* Serve all drinks in martini glasses, even if it's just water.

* Play background music that gives a New York lounge kind of feel, and don't forget to get the show's theme song on the playlist, too (available on itunes).


**Danielle** said...

Too funny. I am friends with one of the girls who went to this party and just saw her tagged in the photos on Facebook. I Googled for further inspiration b/c I'm throwing a bach. party in July for a SATC lover...and found this blog entry. Small world!! :)

Heather said...

How crazy! That is really weird. It definitely is a small world, haha.

Anonymous said...

wow you saved me! I am my sisters maid of honor and we are making her a sex and the city theme bachelorette party in October! this is so helpful and I am excited to use your ideas.

Jennifer said...

Wow, you have some great ideas! My good friend is getting married next month and is a HUGE SATC fan, can't wait to see how it all turns out! Thanks for sharing :)


designbylauren said...

Planning a sex & the city bachelorette party for April. Thanks for the awesome tips!

Despedida Soltero said...

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BunBun said...

i love this !!! im planning on throwing my bff a s&tc party. do you have a full version of your cocktail menu? its perfect ! the charlotte drink made me LOL. you did an amazing job.

Amanda said...

I love all your ideas!! I love the drink menu idea. What was the last ingredient to "The Samantha" drink? It got cut out of the photo. You did a great job!