Friday, July 18, 2008

Ideas for Bachelor Parties (beyond the strip club)

Sure, the strip club can be part of it if it's fitting of the group, but there are plenty of ways to make a bachelor party more creative or original with or without the strippers. Read the following ideas and pick one (or a few) that would be fitting for the guest of honor.

* Sports - if the groom is a fan of getting out playing any kind of sport, whether it be golf, basketball, tennis, whatever... consider starting the party off with his favorite past time.

* Grilling - if there is a park nearby, a beach, or just a friend's house that is good for grilling, get some burgers and some beers, or enjoy the sunshine with some steak.

* Billiards - get out to the local pool hall and have a tournament amongst the guests.

* Beer tasting - my cousin and her husband hosted a beer tasting with info they got from Under "recent tastings" there are LOTS of beers ranked on a point scale. Select 10 of your choice, set them out in small cups for the guests to sample, and have them write what they think the scores for each are on a sheet of paper (from 1 to 10). Whoever has the closest total score wins (as my cousin did, the prize was a six pack of the highest ranked beer).

* Casino night - this could be a weekend getaway to Vegas, a night at a casino if you have any local, or just a casino night at home with games like poker. Check out for some good ideas on decor or supplies.

* Pub crawl - get a party bus or limo and pick a few choice pubs in the area and enjoy a night of just the guys and some great brews.


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